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Ushers play a key role in making people feel welcome when they come to Mass, and helping the Mass run smoothly.


Typical tasks and responsibilities:

  • Seat parishioners at appropriate times before and during the Mass.
  • Take collection, bag and deposit funds.
  • Direct the flow of Parishioners at Communion.
  • Straighten out Pews, Missals, Worship Aides after Mass


Required training or skills: Training on the defibrillator provided by CN First Aid


Approximate time commitment: One Mass per week.

An Usher's Prayer

Lord, In your love you gather

your people this day,
help me to serve them

in a Christ-like manner,
even as your son Jesus

served those who gathered about him.


Make me prayerful, patient,

helpful and understanding,
and may I radiate the joy that

faith brings as I serve their needs.


Give me your strength to support my fellow ministers.


May all who assemble to celebrate our common faith in the Risen Savior
be glad of heart for being here

and for having encountered your Son
in one another,

in our priest,

at the tables of

the book and the bread,
and through the ministry

of ushers like me.


I ask this in Jesus’ name, Amen.


- Gregory F. Smith, O. Carm.

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